Shelley McLoughlin has been making or creating ever since she can remember! In the 80’s she collaborated with her husband on several computer games as well as an accompanying book for one of the games. After having two children she returned to her first love of beads and began creating jewellery in the early 90’s. She has been hooked on jewellery and bead creations ever since.

“I have always had my hand in one craft or another, but jewellery making was the one that really fired my imagination. I still dabble with other crafts, but most of my life seems to be dominated with jewellery/bead making, craft fairs, the Internet and my family (not necessarily in that order). I have always loved beads and sparkly things. I remember visiting my aunt when I was little and being drawn to her wonderful bead and button collection. It seemed like treasure running my fingers through all the trinkets. I think I may have been a magpie in another life! I also love experimenting and using different materials. I’ve worked with papier mache, painted wooden beads, friendly plastic and anything else that takes my fancy. But my mind was completely blown when I first encountered polymer clay with the ability to mould clay and create my own colour combinations. Additions can include metal leaf, foils, earth, sand, and even watch parts. Recently I have started doing much more with wire work which I just love. It is very freeing and I love to just go wherever the wire wants to take me.”

Shelley is self taught with no formal training. Having learnt how to make jewellery mainly through books and the web ‘The Internet has been a great source of inspiration and knowledge. It is a wonderful place full of sharing people, and I have made many friends through my love of polymer clay.’ She has also attended some classes through the British Polymer Clay Guild.

“Being a lover of everything shiny and jewellery related, this website has now grown to include other sources of jewellery, not just my own.”

Shelley is a committee member of the British Polymer Clay Guild. She is also active on several on-line clay and jewellery related communities.